Step-by-step description of the process

Preliminary Evaluation

We send you a short questionnaire for preliminary evaluation. Based on the information provided by you, we provide you with an objective assessment of the merits and likelihood of success.

Consultation Contract

We enter into a contract with you that clearly outlines our and your responsibilities in the process. We give you detailed questionnaires and forms. You fill them out. Based on them, we design your application package.


There are seven questionnaires, including the preliminary evaluation form. They are specially developed by us according to the requirements of the program. The guided forms are the result of our many years of experience in advising innovative projects.

Filling In The Forms

Depending on what package you have ordered, we help in the process of filling in the information. In the basic package we follow the formal requirements. With the full package we provide 100% assistance in compiling the content.

Processing and Completion

Based on the information provided to us, we prepare a complete package that meets all formal criteria. When a complete package is requested, we edit, compile or re-compile the content of the individual parts, in order to increase the chances of success many times over.


Once compiled, we submit the package according to the procedural requirements. If successful, we will prepare you for the live presentation before the evaluation committee. In case of failure we submit again a revised or the same project.